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mineral supplements

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mineral supplements

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mineralife liquid mineral supplements

Maximum Life

It is true that we are what we eat. Here’s how to get the most out of your diet, without too much chopping and peeling.

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Growing old gracefully and healthily starts early in life. You can prevent lifestyle conditions by living healthily today.


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A healthy lifestyle enables you to enjoy the best nutrition, an active lifestyle and good restorative sleep.


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MAXIMUM LIFE Blog Brought to You by Mineralife Liquid Mineral Supplements

mineral supplements

Here at Mineralife, we encourage a healthy lifestyle, complete with good food,  quality mineral supplements and super foods, enough fresh air and sunshine, deep restorative sleep, relaxation and alternative therapies. Our mission is to help encourage optimum health and wellness.

We work closely with various alternative therapists and health professionals, pharmacies and health shops who form part of our international mineral supplement distributor base to bring about good health for more people all over the world.

Why are mineral supplements more important than vitamins?

Dr. Linus Pauling advocates that most diseases today stem from a mineral deficiency, emphasizing the negative effects of modern farming practices, cooking and storage methods on the quality of nutrition.  Therefore, Dr. Pauling strongly underscores the importance of mineral supplementation.

Why Mineralife liquid mineral supplements?

Mineralife has spent a great deal of time and money to research the best practices and methods of preparing the best mineral supplements for optimum health. This has resulted in an extensive line of single mineral supplements as well as liquid mineral formulations to address blood sugar control, calcium / magnesium balance, daily mineral supplementation and rehydration after physical activity.

Mineralife also has an extensive magnesium supplement range that includes a liquid magnesium supplement, magnesium oil spray and magnesium flakes.

We recently launched a mineral and antioxidant rich whole food Baobab Fruit Powder with excellent features and unique health benefits.

Connect with us online on all the main social networks and on our blog (simply follow your topic via the blocks above). Together we can achieve Maximum Life.



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