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Bones are stronger than steel

bonesDid you know that by weight, bone is five times stronger than steel? This makes it difficult to imagine that there are diseases of bones given that steel is so strong. Be that as it may, people do suffer from diseases of the bones such as osteoporosis, for example.

Before we discuss osteoporosis and how to minimize the onset of this disease, it is important to understand the distinction between osteopenia and osteoporosis.

Osteopenia occurs when the bone mineral density is lower than accepted norms, but not quite low enough to be classified as osteoporosis. We measure bone mineral density by measuring the mineral content in bones.

Osteoporosis is definite bone mineral loss, whereby the bones are so brittle and weak that they can fracture for no-good reasons. In other words, they will fracture without be afflicted by any trauma.

As people age, their bones lose the ability to absorb minerals

This happens at a quicker rate than the body can replace the lost minerals. Bones weaken when they lose minerals, and this is when unexplained fractures occur. This is because the bones have lost density and mass. As human beings age, they automatically lose mass and density, and this is when osteoporosis sets in. Women are more predisposed to osteoporosis than men are.

Women have a lower peak bone density than men

Menopause causes the acceleration of loss of bone mineral density. Hormonal changes in men and women, especially with regards to testosterone in men and estrogen in women plays a part in the degeneration of bones.

People with osteoporosis will experience fractures of bones without realizing this and at this point the disease is in an advanced stage, and the consequences can be dire.

Osteopenia occurs for a number of reasons, including chronic renal disease, rheumatoid arthritis, long term bed confinement, exposure to radiation, steroid treatment as in treatment for asthma, chemotherapy and finally eating disorders. The eating disorders rob the body of much-needed minerals and vitamins. Even a sluggish metabolism can cause osteopenia as the minerals do not get to the bones quick enough.

Exercising is not only good for the heart and muscles but for the bones too

Bones become stronger when the body exercises regularly. Exercises also gives the body endurance and strengthens the nervous system. Young women, in particular, should exercise as it does help to increase peak bone mass.

Men and women begin to slow lose bone mass density after the age of 30

This is why exercising is so important. Middle-aged men and women should continue to exercise in order to maintain adequate bone mass density. Believe it or not, adults over the age of fifty who have osteoporosis should exercise in order any further loss of bone mass density.

Watching your diet helps to retard the process of losing bone mass density

Smoking, drinking alcohol in excess, drinking fizzy cool drinks all lead to osteopenia, so they should be avoided altogether. Take a quality magnesium and calcium supplement to ensure good bone strength.

Young men and women should start applying this advice right away as prevention is better than cure. Once osteoporosis sets in, there is little that can be done to reverse this disease, and the quality of life will certainly be affected adversely.

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