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Conventional drugs: Causing more problems than it cures

side effectsOnce again, medical drugs have come under the spotlight.

Society today is more aware of the dangers of conventional medication, and it has now come to the fore that statin drugs are no different. The FDA has now announced that these medications can cause liver damage, muscle disorders, type two diabetes, raised blood sugar levels and memory loss.

Many of these drugs are freely available in the water we drink.

No matter what your age, you can suffer from memory loss and diabetes as a result of taking certain medications

Traditionally, these two conditions are associated with older people. The sad thing is that today, many; young people are developing heart disease and are needing to manage their cholesterol levels as the result of conventional medication.

One challenge is that some quarters believe that it is okay to take statin drugs for prophylactic purposes. In London, some years ago, it was touted that these drugs should be given to people outside fast food establishments. Medicine should be taken with care and only if there is really a medical condition.

People need to find ways to address their health issues without drugs

There are many natural approaches that can be used to prevent and manage conditions such as diabetes and cholesterol levels.

If you are overweight, then make a plan to shed some weight.

There is a direct link between obesity and high cholesterol. If you have a family history of heart disease, then you must check your lipid levels as chances are that they will be high.

Exercising and making better food choices will go a long way towards lowering cholesterol levels and indeed other risk factors. It is best to implement subtle changes to your lifestyle and then add to the changes periodically. As the great self-improvement guru Anthony Robbins always says,” We should apply the principle of CANI in our lives” CANI stands for constant and never-ending improvement. If you apply this principle to your health, you will be amazed at how you can improve your life and not have to depend on harmful conventional medication.

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