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Formaldehyde Everywhere!

formaldehydeDo you know the ingredients of any shampoo or skin-care products that you use regularly?

Many of these products contain an ingredient that is designed to preserve them. One such ingredient is formaldehyde, a well known irritant and carcinogen. Formaldehyde is used to preserve dissected animals in biology class. It is also used in solvents, embalming agents and disinfectants.

While it is impossible to avoid coming into contact with this altogether, it is wise to take all necessary precautions to avoid it

Formaldehyde is in the air that we breath and it is also the reason that brand-new cars smell so nice. Even the homes that we live in are made of materials which have been treated with formaldehyde.

It is used to treat wood and other materials used for furniture. Even the wood used in the foundations is treated with formaldehyde, and this means that home owners are exposed to the toxin for many years after moving into their new home.

Smokers help to emit formaldehyde as it is contained in cigarettes. This means that all second-hand smokers are at risk of being exposed to it. Paint and new carpets also contain the toxin. The first five years are the worst as this is when formaldehyde is most concentrated.

Even your shampoo contains formaldehyde

If you are sensitive to formaldehyde, you will experience irritations of the throat and nose. You may also experience swollen eyes or headaches. Imagine if you suffered from these reactions, and you were a hair stylist dealing with these hair treatments every day.

It is so bad that some hair stylists have experienced bloody noses and severe nasal and eye irritation due to formaldehyde. This is not a situation that should be taken lightly.

Shampoos and hair straightening formulas also contain formaldehyde

If you leave these substances on your scalp for any period of time, the formaldehyde has plenty time to penetrate your head. It is best to try and find natural alternatives so that you limit your exposure to this extremely toxic substance.

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