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Grey Hair: It CAN be prevented!

copperHuman beings have different colored hair due to the pigmentation from the chemicals phaeomelanin and eumelanin. People who have more melanin, have darker colored hair and this can be retained with a liquid copper supplement.

Did You Know?  Even people of the same ethnicity have different colored hair with different texture. Hair color and texture do alter over time. It is even possible for it to be different colors at the same time.

As people age, their hair might become grey. Sometimes, grey hair occurs due to thyroid imbalance or a vitamin B12 deficiency, which occurs in parallel with copper deficiency. Many people do begin to show grey hair from the age of forty onwards.

The melanin in the hair bulbs determines the color of the hair. Melanin and eumalin cause the hair color to go from brown to black. People whose hair goes from yellow-blond to red have pheomelanin. Varying combinations of these two types of melanin will determine the precise shade and color of the hair.

People can grey prematurely due to insufficient nutrients (like copper) being supplied to the scalp

When this happens, not enough melanin is produced. While a number of nutrients are required and often lacking, copper deficiency is generally the most common culprit.

Grey hair contains much less calcium, magnesium and copper than other colored hair

Rubbing a copper salicylate solution directly into the scalp may help to change the grey colored hair. Taking a liquid copper supplement will help to speed up this process.


Copper, An Essential Mineral To Your Health

copper supplementCopper Helps to Support:

  • Healthy hair*
  • Organ health*
  • Joints, cartilage, and tendons*
  • Healthy LDL and HDL cholesterol*
  • Proper sugar levels*
  • Normal iron levels in body*
  • Normal thyroid function*

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