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Magnesium: A Natural Treatment for Migraines

magnesiumJust about everyone knows how debilitating a normal headache can be and how they can interfere with our work, our family life, and even our leisure time. Headaches can knock us out of action and impede our performance in everything we do.

That being the case, just imagine what it would be like to suffer from a migraine headache, one that simple aspirin or Tylenol can’t knock out and that neither time nor sleep will make go away.

Migraine headaches like these can cause great pain and hamper a person’s ability to operate in a whole slew of ways

However, there is fortunately a simple way to decrease the prevalence of migraine headaches and one doesn’t have to go to the pharmacy for drugs in order to make it happen.

Many researchers have linked migraine headaches to a deficiency in magnesium. A lack of magnesium in your body has the ability to diminish your body’s resistance to migraines or simply trigger them outright. As a result, taking magnesium supplements, which deliver the magnesium to a body in a more direct way that can be easily and more quickly absorbed, is of terrific help in combating migraines.

In addition to making sure that your body’s supply of magnesium is kept up, it’s important to avoid activities that cause your body’s magnesium levels to deplete. One way to do this is to avoid processed foods, which are made in such a way that it decreases the body’s ability to obtain more magnesium. Conversely, there are many foods rich in magnesium that should be sought out, such as whole grain breads, leafy vegetables, and milk.

It’s also important to avoid other drugs and substances that decrease the body’s capacity to take in magnesium. Some drugs, like some antibiotics, possess this side effect.

Another substance that has the potential to impede your magnesium rate is alcohol

While it’s understandable that migraine headaches may drive you to drink, it’s important to resist the impulse, as what you perceive as short-term benefits may actually hurt you over the long term. In addition, be careful to balance your intake of calcium and magnesium; while both are vitally important to the body, it’s important that they both be balanced so that you don’t have too much of one substance and, consequently, not enough of the other.

Migraine headaches have the ability to cripple your daily progress and seriously harm your quality of life, especially if the incidence of them is chronic

However, by maintaining strong magnesium levels, it’s very possible to avoid migraines and live a life unencumbered by the threat of head pain. If your magnesium levels remain high, the biggest head pain you’ll have to deal with is the occasional ice cream headache after an overdose of emotional eating. That’s a pain that, in comparison, is very welcome to have indeed.



Magnesium Facts
Magnesium for strong bones, and stress reduction

magnesium supplement

Our modern life subjects us to almost constant stress. The problem is that stress can wear our body down leading to disease. Magnesium is a powerful natural tranquilizer. It aids in relaxing nerves, relieving tension and lowering blood pressure. By relieving stress and reducing blood pressure, Magnesium supplement can help support healthy cardiovascular function.*

In addition to its powerful stress busting properties, Magnesium works with Calcium to build strong bones. Taking a Magnesium supplement can greatly aid in the maintenance of bone health and integrity.*

Additionally, Magnesium works to make Calcium more available to the body and may help prevent kidney stones, which are caused by excess “free” Calcium that cannot be utilized by the body.*

Find out how magnesium can keep you younger for longer.

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