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The one massage that could save your life…

gum diseaseMany people understand the benefits of a good massage. Massages help you to relax and help to improve blood circulation.

Research has shown that a gum massage can save your life

According to research conducted in Sweden, massaging your gums with some toothpaste and can increase the absorption of fluoride by as much as four hundred percent. It is important to use clean fingers and to leave the toothpaste on your teeth while massaging your teeth.

Gum disease is a bigger problem than most people realize

It has, in fact, become an epidemic of major proportions in the USA.  Neglecting this small body part can have severe effects on your well-being.

The American Dietary Association has published an article that explains why nuts and fish are good for gum health. The polyunsaturated fatty acids contained in nuts can reduce the onset of gum disease by as much as thirty percent.

What causes gum disease?

1. It’s hereditary – If your family has it, you might be at risk for gum disease.

2. Chronic illness such as diabetes, obesity, rheumatoid arthritis, blood disorders and heart disease could lead to gum disease.

3.  Smoking – Up to 40% of smokers will lose all their teeth by the time they die.

4. Being a man. That’s right. A greater percentage of women visit periodontists than men and they tend to have better dental habits too.

5. Medications. Certain medications such as heart medications and antidepressants damage your mouth. Speak to your doctor about better alternatives.

Gum disease in adults, otherwise known as periodontitis can cause the onset of heart disease

Pregnant women who have gum disease are likely to give birth prematurely. The baby is affected as the microbes in the mother’s mouth are transferred to the baby via the placenta.

People should prevent gum disease by following their dentist’s advice when it comes to oral hygiene

Brush and floss teeth twice daily and eat healthy foods to boost your immune system. It is worth massaging your gums as research has proven it to be beneficial for oral health.

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  • Nice advice, Many of us do not actually worry about gum disease, that’s why most men keep on smoking every hour of their lives. If they all pay attention to taking care of their gums they might have second thought of smoking a lot. ^^ It’s always good to have healthy gum.

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